Nestor Rivera

Associate Broker


"Our experience with Nestor Rivera has been nothing short of stellar. Through all the phases of our search, Nestor provided timely and expert guidance. He is an expert at controlling emotions and managing expectations. Nestor is also a highly skilled negotiator; his attention to detail and knowledge of the Atlanta market saved us thousands. From search to closing, Nestor is the REALTOR that you want by your side."

- Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Schweigert

"We wish to highly recommend Nestor Rivera to anyone who is in need of a good real estate agent. We first met Nestor before the recession at the suggestion of a friend. For the next five years, while we waited out the downturn, he remained available with good information and advice. As we finally prepared to sell, his honesty, vast knowledge, constant attentiveness, patience and friendly personality were invaluable, and this continued until the sale was closed at a very acceptable price following a very short time on the market. We are certain that it would be difficult to find a better REALTOR."

- Ed and Helen Lowrey, Retired (Home Seller)

"As someone who has relocated a half a dozen times, I have a true appreciation of how critical a good agent can be. I have the highest regard for Nestor across all dimensions involved in the relocation process. His experience, knowledge and timeliness in getting things done and done correctly were as good as I have ever seen."

- L. Panosian, HP USA (Executive Relocation Buyer)

"Nestor checks off one of the greatest attributes that a real estate agent can have; you will be under no illusion that he has your best interest in his mind. He listens to your needs and ensures that they are met. He is patient, does his homework, and provides you with robust analysis on the listings you have seen. And when closing, he thinks how the other market participants will likely act (in multiple bids situation, which was my case) and proposes how you should respond. He is the best real estate agent I have worked with."

- M. Fanuel, SunTrust Bank (Executive Relocation)

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity

"What I think sums the relationship that flourished between Nestor and us over just a short few weeks is trust. Nestor has a keen ability to mold his approach to the style of his customer and is a reliable negotiator that will go to bat for his customer, whilst maximizing the chances for a successful closure where his negotiation skill and tactics really come alive. We have a house we love, in a location that we could never have dreamed of, and at a good value."

- E. Hughes, First Data Corp (Internat. Exec. Relo)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"Nestor is a professional committed to understanding and fulfilling the needs of the customer. His multi-lingual skill (English, Spanish and Portuguese) is a valuable asset for non-American customers. As a Brazilian citizen, and newcomer to the US, I can testify that my family and I were extremely happy with his dedication, promptness, useful insights of the real estate business in the US, and most of all, with the wonderful house he helped us to find in very little time."

- E. Crespo, Coca Cola (International Exec. Buyer)

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

"Nestor provided my wife and I with an unparalleled level of customer service and integrity during the purchase of our first home. This was especially reassuring given that we were engaging in this process from outside of the state, so having him by-our-side was a tremendous asset. He was an absolute fount of information about the Atlanta real estate market, the home buying process, contractors, inspections, the Atlanta community, and everything in between. We are happy to say that, largely because of Nestor's willingness to work on our behalf; we were able to find our dream home at a great price. I strongly recommend Nestor to anyone who is thinking about buying a home; he is a true advocate and a wonderful human being!"

- Dr. Rustin Meyer, GA Tech (First-time Buyer)